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"Developmentally, they don't understand" - Teach them anyway!

Every once in a while, I see a mom, at her wits end, begging for advice on how to handle her unruly child. "They don't listen, they hit, they scream, they cry, they bite... etc". Someone will offer advice, and then another mom will chime in and say - "Well, you can't do that. Developmentally, they won't understand that." And chances are, they're right. Your teething 9 month old won't understand why she can't bite you. Your 1-1/2 year old might not understand why he's not allowed to stand in the cart. You know what, teach them anyway.

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Household Rules - Keep It Simple

Minimizing our rules has been incredibly helpful for us and for our son. By asking ourselves does this help to maintain his health, his safety, foster respect; will we need to keep revising this rule as he ages; will we be able to teach him the tools he needs to maintain this rule for himself, we have been able to create an environment with simpler rules that are easy to remember and follow.

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