Why We Do It

I hope you enjoyed reading a bit about your origin story! You’ll notice that our inspiration came from discussing sharing with my two-year-old.

“But the first book is about rules for your body… that’s not really about sharing.”

You’re right! We talked a lot about what our first book should be, and ultimately we decided on Empower Me to Make Rules for My Body because we felt that the issues discussed in this book are so fundamentally important! Let’s look at some numbers that underline this importance.


If you’ve seen the news over the last few months, you’ll know that numerous people have stepped forward and accused various celebrities of abuse and misconduct. Hashtags such as #metoo and #timesup are trending in a huge way. There is a huge push to arm young girls to defend against sexual abusers, to keep them from being victims. While I am excited and hopeful for any movement toward awareness and any support for assault survivors – I believe these lessons may happen too late.

I believe we need to teach children much earlier. I believe we need to not only work to keep victims from becoming victims, but we also need to help keep potential perpetrators from becoming perpetrators! – I believe that by teaching young children healthy boundaries and how to say “no” as early as 2 years old, we can keep them safer. We can change the world.