13 Things Mentally Strong Parents Don't Do

I have long held the opinion that the healthier we are, as parents, the healthier we will raise our children. I believe that our kids learn best by example - our habits often grow into their habits.

I picked up Amy Morin’s book a few months ago, and instantly fell in love with it. Let’s start with the fact that I am a list person. I love lists. My day is ruled by lists and having a list of things to do or not do is right up my alley.

The list is pretty straight forward:

  1. They Don’t Condone a Victim Mentality

  2. They Don’t Parent Out of Guilt

  3. They Don’t Make Their Child the Center of the Universe

  4. They Don’t Allow Fear to Dictate Their Choices

  5. They Don’t Give Their Child Power Over Them

  6. They Don’t Expect Perfection

  7. They Don’t Let Their Child Avoid Responsibility

  8. They Don’t Shield Their Child from Pain

  9. They Don’t Feel Responsible for Their Child’s Emotions

  10. They Don’t Prevent Their Child from Making Mistakes

  11. They Don’t Confuse Discipline with Punishment

  12. They Don’t Take Shortcuts to Avoid Discomfort

  13. They Don’t Lose Sight of Their Values

One of the reasons why I love this book so much is because of the way it’s structured. You can gain a lot of insight by reading the book straight through, beginning to end, but because of the way it’s written, you can easily skip to something that your family might be struggling with at the moment.

Each chapter (each item on the list) gets its own chapter, and it starts with a short story about a parent, and their struggles. During the story, you get to see how Amy Morin (author and therapist) addressed the issue with her clients and how it helped to build mental strength for the parents and children. A few sections are dedicated to better informing us how certain actions can create problems and how practicing mental strength can help us course correct. And finally (and my favorite part) she goes over what practicing mental strength with your kids might look like at each age group (pre-school, elementary, and teenage years). This helps to provide us readers with actionable ways to put what we’ve learned into practice right away!

This is one of my favorite books to recommend to parents who want to healthy, independent, and strong children. I love reading about new ways to teach my son and myself mental strength!

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